Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Presidential Comics Reloaded

The first time I discussed  American presidents in comics it became clear (not least through helpful comments) that I had made some omissions.

It was odd that I didn't think to mention Garry Trudeau's long-running satirical strip Doonesbury, for example. I was trying to avoid outright satirical representations (otherwise my Prime Ministers follow up will be 90% Steve Bell) but Trudeau's method of characterising the Commander-in-Chief is worth noting. Reagan was depicted as Max Headroom, Bush Sr was deemed so insignificant he was drawn as a speck and Clinton was a waffle.
Oh, and Bush Jr was a speck wearing a cowboy hat.

Less than a week after writing the previous post I found myself reading Peter Bagge's Batboy, a strip he did for the Weekly World News, which, in 2004, had the hero become.... you know.

I'm grateful to reader Tribs over at B3ta.com for pointing out that Zombo in 200AD featured an horrific future with Donald Trump as president. I hadn't read it before so that was a fun diversion for me. He was responsible fotr the creation of Obmoz, the reverse-Zombo which is a great silver-age DCish idea.
I should also mention that since the previous post Jack Northworthy of Citizen Jack did, as predicted, become president in spite of a near-total mental breakdown. 
Then, just this past week has seen creators joining the election bandwagon. There was a Catwoman Election Night one-off by Meredith Finch and Shane Davis (as well as a back-up Beth Ross Prez story which was delightful, by creators Russell and Caldwell).
The main story concerns Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin, and his campaign to run for Gotham Mayor. Again. 

Like he did in the 60s.

And then again in the 90s.

And, I'm told he's doing it again in the TV show Gotham too.

Anyway, this is used to make some not-too-subtle digs at you-know-who. 
Also out now is the latest issue of the weird satirical gritty reboot of The Flintstones from DC, by Mark Russell and Steve Pugh.
I'll admit it took me a while to get into this but it's really hitting a fun cynical stride now. 
It seems worth mentioning that the second story arc of Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro's excellent Bitch Planet is in full swing although the significance of the title is not yet fully apparent.
If you don't know it I like to describe it as a Roger Corman women-in-prison movie if it were written by Margaret Atwood. If that intrigues you give it a go. Each issue is backed up with fascinating essays on feminism as related politics.

That's all for now. Now we just wait to see the results of the election.

This could be the end....

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