Sunday, 11 April 2010

Hello and come on in. This is my comics-related blog. I've planned this for a while and didn't intend to start blogging until I was fully prepared.

The idea of this was to review the comics I was reading as and when desire, whether old or new, with a particular emphasis on British comics so as to distinguish myself from the main comics blog I read:
Today I went for a day out with my lady-friend to Buxton and was delighted to find it was the day on which the book fare was. Lady-friend is hoping to open her own children's book store and was happily chatting to the stall-holders while I flitted about looking for things. I was surprised how many DC Thompson annuals were available from the various sellers and giddily anticipated several purchases. However we had agreed (as we are quite poor right now) to limit our purchases to two things. Oddly, the surprising availability of these annuals made them seem less interesting. I ended up paying £5 for three of them: two Topper Books (1967 and 1971) and The Beano Book 1976.

Then, just when we were told the fare was closing, I went back to one of the first stalls I visited, which had some splendid 1970s reprints of Eisner's The Spirit, and noticed a pile of comics I overlooked before. The front cover on the top of the pile said: "HE'S BACK! AXEL PRESSBUTTON THE PSYCHOTIC CYBORG!" I tried to remember where this character came from and noted his similarity to Mean Machine Angel and then it clicked. The sidebar noted "PRAY THE FUTURE WILL NEVER NEED V FOR VENDETTA" and then i realised: this was Warrior No1. First appearance of V. In very good condition. I really should get this.

I then looked at the next on the pile. Front page: FROM HUMAN (explosive effect) KIMOTA (end effect) TO SUPERHUMAN. Oh shit (I thought) this was where Alan Moore debuted his Marvelman. A strip so mired in legal wrangling it has never been reprinted. A strip I have wanted to read for years.

The stallholder popped up and told that there was all 26 issues of the warrior run and if I wanted them it was £25 for the lot. I was struck dumb. I knew I could not afford it. I also knew I had already bought more than I promised I would. I could not justify giving away £25 however I sliced it. I decide I would go and talk to lady-friend first.

"I want to" I said "but I can't afford to." "All right then," said stall-holder, "How about £20?". Instinct kicked in and I just handed him the money. If nothing else, I'm sure I could make a profit on this.

I tried to hide it from l-f but knew I would have to come clean. I spent £20 I can't afford on old comics. I explained importance of Marvelman to her and told her I could sell them at a profit. Truthfully though, I don't think I could sell them. Especially now that I know I also have the first Bojeffries Saga strips in my possession. Joy.

Warrior N0.1-26 in my lap as I write. Do you have them? Well I do.