Saturday, 16 July 2016

80s advert nostalgia special: Real Ghostbusters edition

While I was researching my Ghostbusters blog I read through a lot of Marvel UK comics of the period. In doing so I got many a nostalgic rush from the features and especially the ads contained within.

So I thought I'd share a few of them with you as a lighter-than-usual blog which will limit my snarky commentary.

These all being taken from The Real Ghostbusters between 1988 and 1990, it would make sense to showcase the Ghostbusters-related ads first:

Who knew Asda were such fans?

Lets have a look at some house ads for Marvel UK titles:
 Rwep ploot?
 Love this silliness.
 Galaxy Rangers! They were like cowboys but sci-fi-ish!

 Oh. It seems Galaxy Rangers got merged with Thundercats.
 While the Doctor and Ace faced their silver nemesis the Cybermen on the telly, Doctor Who Magazine was preparing an anniversary treat of its own.
Visionaries! (Vision is scary) I remember these. Pretty sure I had one. They were knights only sci-fi-ish. They had holograms on their chests!
Death's Head! Now that is 80s British comics royalty! That advert was inescapable! And I'm definitely coming back to talk about him!
Dragon's Claws! Another (ultimately unsuccessful) attempt at a breakout British comics title. They were a sports team in some dystopian future. Or something. 

Oh, and look at panel 3.
That would be a reference to the time they met Death's Head (his journey through Marvel titles was fascinating and I will tell that story soon). Although he would not like to hear them call him a bounty hunter. He preferred the term "freelance peacekeeping agent".

Oh, and then there's....
No idea.

It looks like a movie poster. Was there an 80s William Tell movie we've forgotten?

I refuse to look it up.

In issue 76 there was a pull-out mini comic showcasing the boys of Action Force. 


I'm glad you asked. 

The US franchise known as GI Joe which included a massively popular toy line as well as a well-loved cartoon series and a Marvel comic regarded as a high point of the era. However it faltered in the UK largely through marketing difficulties and negotiating its way past Action Man. I'll get into it some other time.

So GI Joe became Action Force in the UK and this promo comic has a cut-out-n-pin-to-the-wall-of-your-headquarters official "treaty". Feel free to download it and use it.
Sometimes you get a Marvel checklist to show you what else was available that month.Here's what Marvel was producing at the time issue 12 came out.
And by the time issue 76 came out we had these titles:
Note how The Incredible Hulk is sharing his title with Indiana Jones and Doctor Who. Also there was a Punisher title for a while.

Oh, and The Bog Paper. Marvel's attempt at an irreverent humour title, owing to the popularity of Oink! We'll... come back to that too.
A regular sight at that time was the ad encouraging kids to place a regular order for the comicthey were reading. This one features Ray at an American-style newsstand (which is weird because this was produced by a British artist for an exclusively British comic). Also the poster ads on the stand are for Spider-man (being menaced by... ice or something?) and.... a.. wagon?.. rolling towards fire? I dunno.

Let's end this with a couple of ads in comic form.
Yay Kraft Titans Beefballs! That certainly sounds acceptable! 

And the Ghostbusters endorse them!
Yes! Beefballs give you strength AND energy!

And finally...................

Man, I love Gilbert. Really. Even shilling peanut butter.

Good night everybody!

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