Thursday 19 January 2023

9th annual Christmas round up 2022

 Merry Christmas Slipperettes! (Yes, I KNOW!)

Another year slips by with almost no activity here. I am getting to grips with my anxiety disorder but still find it hard to get things done.

That said, I'm a sucker for tradition so let's have a look at 2021's Beano Christmas special. And when Santa goes missing, suspicion falls on Minnie. Because of all the times she's kidnapped him.

Dangerous Dan recruits the whole gang as secret agents but then has to wipe their memories at the end.

And now a selection of images from the Beano published in Christmas week.

Bananaman faced the menace of the Snowman. Who we last saw in Danger Mouse...

Not much Christmassy imagery in 2000AD or the Megazine but I did enjoy this return of an old favourite.

And Lew Stringer gave us another Dalek Christmas in Doctor Who Magazine.

Till we meet again. 

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