Monday, 27 December 2021

Eighth Annual Christmas Round Up 2021

 It's time for another round up of UK comics and cartoons!

Let's start with a cluster from Private Eye.

In Doctor Who Magazine Lew Stringer shows us some time-travel shenanigans that is 100% canon to me now.
The Doctor herself saves a panto.
Panto is also the subject of the running story in The Beano as the kids are tasked with the school play. Find out how they got on at the end of this selection.

Minnie's Mum gets a Kyle Rayner-style surprise.

The Beano Christmas Special has a through story about elf revolution. And Santa does not get kidnapped this year. The elves do.

And finally a spattering of Viz.  

And that rare heart-warming image of 8-Ace's family is how we'll leave it for this year.

Happy Holidays to all!


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