Sunday 31 December 2023

10th Annual Christmas Roundup 2023!

 Hard to believe I've been doing this for ten straight years now!

Hope you had a best holiday season whatever you celebrate or don't. Now let's get into this year's treats.

Let's begin with Doctor Who Magazine, as The Doctor came back with a bang this Christmas. Here's our traditional Lew Stringer strip:

There was also a multi-part strip featuring the Fourteenth Doctor and Donna (in between the TV stories The Star Beast and The Wild Blue Yonder) bouncing around in time, appearing at a Morecambe and Wise Christmas show...

(RIP Glenda Jackson)

...and at a young Donna Noble's Nativity performance:

To Fulchester now for a quick run through of Viz strips.

(RIP Annabelle Giles)

Not much festive in 200AD this year but there is this:

Now for a cluster of my favourite Private Eye cartoons of the Christmas issue:

To The Beano then, where this year's running plot concerns a rogue elf who abandons his North Pole post to hang in Beanotown and Santa gives chase.

This year's Beano Christmas Special featured the town being stuck in a Groundhog Day style time loop, which soon gets boring (hey, like that Xmas episode of Lois and Clark: Twas the Night Before Mxymas!)

I've saved till last a new treat this year, as we now have a new regular UK comic: Monster Fun!

Yes, after a few specials to test the market, Rebellion resurrected the classic comic with some old favourites given a new spin. Here are some highlights of the Xmas issue.

A particular delight is a new version of Worldwide Weirdies, as originated by the great Ken Reid.

That's it for this year. Have a great 2024 and who knows, I might actually be able to put out some new blogs (crosses fingers, touches wood).

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